Listening and Researching

Each project & client is unique to us so it’s a necessary step to pay attention and understand your business problems & requirements. In order to deliver the best solutions, after listening, we make our research and analysis about our clients' problems, requirements and needs. In addition, our web development team Lebanon analyzes & studies our client business, processes and problems. We ask questions and prepare detailed requirements for documentation so after a brain storming and analysis sessions we will get all steps needed to develop the best solutions for our clients.

Planning and Strategizing

Our web development team Lebanon analyzes all the data and requirements, in order to create the right plan for each case. We strategize the best possible approach to deliver the solution with the highest quality and lowest cost to attain the set goals. We plan and allocate resources, set milestones & to-dos. We also plan backup resources to keep up with the timeline and quality.


Our web development team Lebanon delivers the project in stages. We attentively partner with our clients throughout the process and apply timely correctives. We QA/Test and debug our work. Our pride and strength is our ability to deliver results on time and make our clients understand their true business potential.

In Summary, our web development process:

  • We understand your requirements and business processes
  • We plan and build applications accordingly
  • We test and implement applications based on strict quality standards
  • We fully integrate with your business processes
  • Our system environments are user friendly
  • We provide scalable web application development
  • We deliver on time and within budget

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