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Chatbot Services in Lebanon

Codendot is proud to be the first bot development company in Lebanon to provide the Chatbot services to its clients. Our main customers are located for now in Beirut Lebanon and UAE Dubai. Then we will target all customer in Middle East (ME) and Gulf Area.

Services provided include:

- Planning the Chatbot (understanding purpose, audience, personality traits...) 

- Designing conversational logic flow (case scenarios)

- Designing Multilingual Chatbot

- Connecting Chatbot to the business database

- Embedding e-commerce features into Chatbot

- Publishing Chatbot (Facebook messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Slack or others)

- Publishing the Chatbot embedded within your website 

- Publishing Chatbot as a stand-alone app

- Providing platform for bot training, monitoring, and improving machine learning progress

- Providing training for admin to monitor Chatbot 

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