SEO Guarantees by Codendot
Codendot SEO department offers our clients guaranteed SEO services.

So why would you hire a company to provide services for thousands of dollars with no guarantee at all?
What if that SEO company takes your money and does not provide you with results and you end up losing your marketing budget?
For these reasons we offer some SEO Guarantees to make you feel secure about our services; on the other hand, we don’t want to overpromise you and under deliver.
To get this Guarantee requirement, you should choose one of our full SEO packages, compatible to your business or your site.

Keyword Selection- We guarantee to work carefully with you to select searchable, targeted and relevant keywords for your business and website. It’s so important to choose searchable keywords because some users might use non-searchable keywords. The problem is that no one searches for these words and therefore you don't see the increase in traffic you had hoped for.

SEO Strategy- We guarantee to develop and deliver a complete search engine optimization, a strategy and a schedule for your web site. Our SEO team will work to optimize your site that search engines consider in their ranking algorithms. We promise to avoid spamming techniques such as doorway pages, page cloaking, link farms in order to avoid your website to be penalized and even banned by search engines.

Ongoing Maintenance- We guarantee to provide ongoing campaign maintenance to ensure that you maintain top positioning in the SERPs.

Customer Service- We guarantee to give you all the support you need. Our SEO customer support is always ready to help you by phone and emails and person to person. Therefore customer service is our number one priority.
Finally if after the average period of 3 to 5 months of your SEO campaigns, your site doesn’t rank in the top Google Search engine result pages with 70% of selected keywords, then don’t pay the 50% remaining amount of payment till you get ranked in the top pages with your competitive keywords. In addition, in order to not be overpromising, we can't control search engine results and we can’t offer 100% guarantee that your site will be #1 ranked in Search Engines with organic SEO; we guarantee that our SEO team will improve your website visibility, and will make your website search engine friendly, and your website will be more searchable using more key phrases.

For more information about SEO and what we can guarantee, you can check the Google SEO policies

If you are interested in 100% guaranteed positioning and traffic, our SEM team can develop a PPC campaign using Google AdWords, Adcenter Facebook Advertising.

If you have business inquiries or other questions, please fill out the following form to contact us. Thank you.

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